What Is Microblading or permanent makeup Folsom procedure?

Microblading is a Permanent Makeup treatment (permanent makeup Folsomthat delivers a tool to fully hide your missing eyebrow hair with the arrival of fake hair. This natural-looking design makes fine hair strokes that stay 1 to 2 years with good maintenance. Using deposits of cosmetic colour, we hand-draw each hair stroke to make natural and fuller eyebrows that are specially customized to you! This method is particularly significant for those who may have over-tweezed or those who like to define, reshape, or darken their eyebrows. Microblading is also understood as, Eyebrow Feathering, Micropigmentation, 3D Eyebrows, 6D Eyebrows and Eyebrow Tattoo.

What’s The Procedure for permanent makeup Folsom?

Step 1: We Confer With You

Once you book an assignment, we confer with you regarding your lifestyle and everyday makeup training. Do you remove your brows daily? Do you prefer raw and soft-looking eyebrows, or thicker, bolder, autograph brows? Some customers have over-tweezed and hope to produce a more natural look. During the talk, we’ll discuss your choices and design your most ideal eyebrow.

Step 2: We Hand Draw Your New Brows:  permanent makeup Folsom

Now that we have chosen the most suitable eyebrow form and design for you, we’ll hand draw your unique eyebrows. We’ll invite you to make other facial terms, such as smiling, to secure your brows ideal. Our mission is to create a plan that will nicely complete your natural elements. We’ll choose the most suitable paint and shape specially customized to you.

Step 3: We Numb Your Eyebrows:  permanent makeup Folsom

Before we start Microblading we’ll use a topical numbing cream, and pause for 20 minutes, to make sure you are as relaxed as possible. During this time you can lay back and rest. Many consumers are concerned regarding the process being painful but the reality is most customers do not complain about any pain, and even fall sleeping!

Step 4: We Start Microblading

We begin Micro Blading once we have decided you sense numb and relaxed. We meticulously hand-draw each hair stroke to correctly match the colour, consistency, and flow of your untamed brow hair. This therapy uses a handheld, and manual, Microblade. Microblading is an accurate art and should only be conducted by a qualified artist. This brings about 30-45 minutes.


After your Microblading is done, we’ll eventually reveal your new eyebrows! Say goodbye to drawing on your brows every sunrise. Now you’ll wake up with gorgeous eyebrows every day!

A positive model visit after 30-60 days is suggested and included in the initial price.

What To Expect After Your Therapy

Day 1: You value your new brows! The hair strokes will seem very natural looking.

Days 2-4: The colour will begin to darken temporarily as the dye oxidizes and light scabs start.

Days 5-14: Your brows will start flaking. DO NOT select any scabs. Let healing shed naturally. At this time, it will seem that your hair strokes have almost disappeared. This is only brief as the new skin is still recovering over each hair stroke. Over the following many weeks, your brows will reappear.